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Help needed for RDF and WSCDL

From: Steve Ross-Talbot <steve@pi4tech.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 09:28:35 +0000
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To: Eric Miller <em@w3.org>


First of all Happy New Year to you and family.

Secondly - the business bit - we (the Choreography WG) are chartered to 
deliver some RDF mappings for CDL. I enclose the reference to the 
charter and the text below:


"1.4 Mapping to the Semantic Web

The Choreography Working Group is strongly encouraged to provide a 
semantic mapping using the RDF and OWL technologies. Such a mapping 
will allow the information described by the choreography language to be 
easily combined with that of other applications. Also, as the Semantic 
Web languages allow the application of formal techniques to the 
analysis of the meaning of vocabularies, such a mapping would 
facilitate the understanding of the choreography language itself. The 
Working Group will consider the impact of each of its design choices on 
the ability to produce this mapping.

The goal of the Semantic Web is to enhance the utility of the Web as a 
machine-processable information space. The Semantic Web builds on the 
current Web infrastructure (XML, URI's, HTTP) and provides a 
standardized representation for data (XML/RDF) and for the conceptual 
structures behind that data (RDF Schema, Web Ontology Language). Web 
services are aiming at enabling automated distributed computing on the 
World Wide Web. It is important for both Web Services and for the 
Semantic Web that the semantics of the choreography language be clear 
and precise."

We would very much like to achieve something valuable in this space. 
The WG would like to provide a section or two in the primer that 
specifically deals with RDF and OWL technologies for adding semantics 
to a CDL description. Our problem is we simply do not have the 
resources and skills to do it. Therefore this is at risk. The only way 
we can envisage it being done is with help from the Semantic Web 
community and as CG chair for this activity we formally request help 
from you and the wider community. Could you let us know interest levels 
in doing this work and make the necessary introductions to the right 
people who can help. We believe that this is only about 2-3 weeks of 
effort for a skilled person backed up by us as CDL experts.

Best regards

Steve Ross-Talbot

co-chair W3C Choreography WG
chair W3C Web Services CG
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