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Issue 1096 - Spec section 2.3.4. The last two paragraphs, about "roleType" attribute

From: Tony Fletcher <tony_fletcher@btopenworld.com>
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 21:21:31 -0000
To: <public-ws-chor@w3.org>
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Dear Colleagues,
I currently propose to make no change as a result of this issue, but this
may change as a result of the discussion I would now like to initiate.
This issue states
2.3.4. The last two paragraphs, about "roleType" attribute.It is not clear
[whether the]  roleTypes attribute  is solely for visibility or ownership
(can be altered etc.). Simply put,  "Does a variable always belong to a
unique role type in a single Choreography?"
My current answer to this question is that this element and its attribute
give the type of the role that is associated with this type of channel (it
is part of the ChannelType definition.  When a channel of this ChannelType
is used then it will have a role of the specified RoleType.  Currently the
value of a variable is unique to a role (not a roleType).  {Although in my
opinion it could be shared amongst all the roles contained within a
participant - but that is a different issue!}
The issue goes on to ask:
 If there are two role types specified in this attribute, can both alter the
content of this variable?
My answer is that the current definition for channelType permits one and
only one roleType to be specified, though that roleType may define more than
one {misspelt!} behavior.
The updated informal notation XML is:

<channelType  name="ncname"


              action="request-respond"|"request"|"respond"? >


   <passing  channel="qname"


             new="true"|"false"? />*


   <roleType typeRef="qname"  behavior="ncname"? />



      <token name="qname"/>




      <token name="qname"/>+



If we are to make any changes to clarify the text then I think we need to
agree as a group what and where.  The latest text for section 2.3.4 is in
the editors draft at
or on request from myself as one of the editors.

Best Regards,



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