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New issue(?) - The defining characteristic of a Participant

From: Tony Fletcher <tony.fletcher@choreology.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 21:46:02 +0100
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'Section 2.3.2 Participants' of the Web Services Choreography Description
Language, Version 1.0 Editor's Draft, 24 July 2004 states:

"A Participant identifies a set of Roles that MUST be implemented by the
same entity or organization. Its purpose is to group together the parts of
the observable behaviour that MUST be implemented by the same process."

This may be an implication of the definition of a participant - but may not
be a necessary implication.  It is not the defining characteristic as far as
the choreography language specification is concerned.


Replace these two sentences with:

"A Participant identifies a set of Roles that are able to share variable
values.  Thus Roles that belong to a participant do not send messages to
each other to share or test information values, they do so directly by
sharing the variable values.  Contra wise Roles that are in different
participants can not share variables; they must use messages to share
information values."
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