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RE: [Reqs] Some proposed requirements based on RE: Change of participants

From: Stanislaw Ambroszkiewicz <sambrosz@ipipan.waw.pl>
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 13:16:28 +0200 (CEST)
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 > Ricky:
 > I think will be true that each 'global model' will (certainly should) have a
 > well defined purpose.  Within that there will be a purpose in including each
 > role that is included.  Each entity (or participant - whatever the agreed
 > term is) that plays a particular role will have there on purpose in agreeing
 > to play that role.

It seems that the next concept comes into the scene. It is "purpose". 
From the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) point of view, 
it may be called "goal of service provider", or "client's task". 
In my opinion service composition (orchestration, choreography) technology is 
for realizing clients' tasks, and goals of service providers. 
The task should be realized by using available services, 
and the services should be used if they are attractive enough. 
Perhaps the concept of task should be taken as the starting point. 

Please note that once the task is specified explicitly, it is the first step 
towards declarative approach. 

Best regards,

-- Stanislaw Ambroszkiewicz

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