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      I'm attaching a white paper written by my colleague Len Greski on the
CSF technique, as well as some links to CSF-related material on the Web.
Hopefully this will prove useful to those not yet familiar with this

Here are some links:






Here are references to Rockart's original papers on the subject, the first
one being the original paper:
 Rockart, J.F., "Chief executives define their own data needs," Harvard     
 Business Review, March-April 1979, pp. 81-93.                              
 Rockart, J.F., "The changing role of the information systems executive: a  
 critical success factors perspective," Sloan Management Review, Fall 1982, 
 pp. 3-13.                                                                  
 Rockart, J.F., "Current uses of the critical success factors process,"     
 Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Conference of the Society for         
 Information Management, September 1982, pp. 17-21.                         

(See attached file: Business Needs Modeling Overview.doc)



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