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Re: Agenda items for 22nd April so far?

From: <Daniel_Austin@grainger.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 12:40:47 -0500
To: steve@enigmatec.net
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Hi Steve,

      I'll be glad to provide an introduction to the CSF technique in
tomorrow's call. Also, I'd like to add an item about where suggestions for
requirements should be sent. We also need to assign an issues editor and
clear up some of the fog around the "issues" issue.

      I'm late on my action item to provide a suggested use-case
methodology. I'll try to get this out by tomorrow but don't cross your



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In no particular order I have picked on the following:

Review requirements comments (continuing from last week)

Discussion of timetable to make requirements public (deferred from last

Understanding CSF (from last week)

Reusable choreographies and data formats (deferred from last week)

Formal models and choreography (hot topic from public mailing list)
             What is a process (hot topic from the mailing list)

Dynamically changing participants in a choreography (hot topic from
public mailing list)

Oasis and BPEL4WS (hot topic from the world around us)

Choreography storage and retrieval (hot topic from the public mailing

The first four need to be on the agenda as they all relate to our
current thread of work. The others are topics of interest.
We need to ground them in what benefits accrue or what we might loose
so that we can all get up to speed on the real relevance of the topics

Obviously the standards topics will appear on the agenda (minutes and
matters arising and any organisational or administrative matters) but
the bulk of the call should be devoted to progress in any of these

If you folks could indicate preferences on the last 5 topics or indeed
suggest others I shall use the information to set the agenda later


Steve T

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