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Re: Use cases - Observer role

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      I think that, as an Architect, I would design the 'observer' as a web
service itself; that way, it is a first class object in the system with a
well-defined role. Then the observer can be an actor in any specific use

      We should make sure that at least one of our UCs includes this
observer role. But I don't think that this needs to be standardized by any
particular working group.



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I don't recall if any of the submitted use cases include the notion of
an observer, but  in some choreography scenarios an observer would be
desirable. For example, during the development or testing phases of the
choreography or to monitor a choreography that is deployed or active.
The observer could be used to report on the choreography state,
failures, usage, etc. I'm not saying that we should complicate the use
cases, they should remain focused on their problem domain, but that we
need to consider this role in general.

Should ws-chor support roles such as observer directly or should it be
deferred to another working group?


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