i066 Resolution

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i066 Proposal 3

3.3 Other Uses of the UsingAddressing Element

The wsaw:UsingAddressing element may also be used in other contexts  
(e.g., as a policy assertion in a policy framework). Its use  
(including the use of related elements and attributes, such as  
wsaw:Anonymous and wsaw:Action) in such contexts is semantically  
equivalent to the use of wsaw:UsingAddressing as a WSDL extension.

Note that the association of wsaw:UsingAddressing to WSDL constructs  
where the wsaw:UsingAddressing WSDL extension element is not allowed  
is not meaningful.

Mark Nottingham   Principal Technologist
Office of the CTO   BEA Systems

Received on Tuesday, 24 January 2006 22:51:23 UTC