RE: Issue: Endpoint reference as a wsdl extension

I agree, but I'd make that comma into a semicolon: "... a message
exchange; if WS-Addressing is not engaged ...".

Just doing my bit for the dying cause of precise punctuation :-)

Tony Rogers

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The WSDL binding specification[1] says:

"When a wsa:EndpointReference element is present in a wsdl20:endpoint or
a wsdl11:port element (see 4.1 Extending WSDL Endpoints with an EPR),
the value of the [reference parameters] message addressing property for
a message sent to an endpoint MUST include the contents of the
wsa:ReferenceParameters element, if one exists within that EPR."

My take on this requirement is that this only applies if WS- Addressing
is active for the message exchange but some readers have taken this to
mean that the reference parameters have to be included regardless.

I suggest we add a clarifying note to the start of section 4 along the
lines of: "Note: the WSDL extensions described in the following
subsections are only active when WS-Addressing is engaged in a message
exchange, if WS-Addressing is not engaged they are ignored".


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