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Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 1:08 PM
Subject: WS-Addr policy attachment

While working on my AI to write-up our conclusions from the concall of 11/27
I realized that we haven't discussed where the policies that contain WS-Addr
assertions MAY/SHOULD/MUST be attached as per Web Services Policy -
Attachement [1].

Here are some things we need to figure out: 

1.) What is the permissible set of "policy subjects" for policies containing
WS-Addr assertions? 

2.) What is the permissible set of WSDL elements for attaching policies
containing WS-Addr assertions (e.g. wsdl:binding, wsdl:message,
wsdl:portyType, etc.)?

3.) To what degree should the answer to the above questions be constrained
by the fact that we already say: 

	"The wsaw:UsingAddressing element SHOULD appear as a child of the
wsdl:binding element. Alternatively, the wsaw:UsingAddressing element MAY
instead be included as a child of the wsdl20:endpoint (or wsdl11:port) when
an endpoint intends to indicate compliance with WS-Addressing for a specific
endpoint only." [2]

[1]  <> 

[2]  <> 

- gp 

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