NEW ISSUE: None URI should be a special case and allowed when wsaw:anonymous=required

Another part of the table/rules is that the None URI should be a special 
case and allowed in a ReplyTo/FaultTo when wsaw:anonymous=required which 
is not currently part of the spec. This seemed intuitive to me (because 
the none uri is explicitly defined and doesn't conflict with the idea of 
not using a separate response channel) and seems to have been for others 
I've raised it with.


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Bob Freund <>
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Re: wsaw:Anonymous combinations

Yes, the grey cells in the table are undefined behavior and needs to be 


Bob Freund wrote:
> Arun,
> Are there discrete issues you would like to raise?
> Thanks
> -bob
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> I've attached the table listing the combinations, and endpoint behavior,
> using different ReplyTo/FaultTo and wsaw:Anonymous values.
> Thanks,
> -Arun

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