NEW ISSUE: Information Model for EndpointReferences -- is it necessary?

* Title - Information Model for EndpointReferences -- is it necessary?

* Description -

In the core spec, section 2.1 [1] describes the Information Model for 
EPRs. Section 2.2 maps these abstract properties to Infoset which are 
also abstract. The abstract Information Model is also linked to XML 
Schema due to the fact that the types of the abstract properties (in 
section 2.1) are specified in terms of XML Schema types. So how abstract 
is the Information model? Can we just specify things in terms of 
Infoset? The WG also resolved issue i032 [3] by saying that the XML 
Schema specified in WS-Addressing is normative and it is restricted to 
XML 1.0.

Given these facts, what is it that section 2.1 buys us other than 
complexity? If there isn't any benefit (and I don't see any) then we 
should just remove section 2.1.

* Justification -

See above.

* Target -

* Proposal -

Remove section 2.1 and make appropriate changes in the rest of the spec 
to ensure that we use correct terminology.



Received on Monday, 28 February 2005 21:59:44 UTC