Re: pointer to detailed metadata proposal

Hi Ashok.

* Ashok Malhotra <> [2005-02-15 06:38-0800]
> I have a comment/question about the metadata proposal.
> I presume the metadata container can have a bucket for Policy and
> a separate bucket for WSDL.  But, policy can also be attached to WSDL.
> So, policy information can appear in two places.  How do we reconcile
> and combine these policy expressions and what do we do about conflicts
> between them.

My understanding is that policy statements made in the policy bucket
(i.e. as standalone statements not attached to a WSDL description)
would apply to the [service endpoint] endpoint. However, I don't think
that our spec can itself go in that kind of detail, but rather that a
policy spec should probably have a section about how to attach policy
statements in an EPR and what that means.

Statements attached to WSDL may indeed refine or contradict those
other policy statements made about [service endpoint]. However, once
again, the reconciliation and combination rules would be the
responsibility of the policy language.

I think that we don't need to be specific about how to use a policy
language that we currently don't have. The same way we've done a WSDL
binding for Addressing, we'll probably have to write a policy binding
for Addressing. A metadata bucket seems generic enough to support what
we need here.



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Received on Tuesday, 15 February 2005 15:32:52 UTC