RE: Issue i020 -- restate the subissues in issue i020

Anish wrote:

> Subissue iii:
> An EPR allows one to include (optionally) a service endpoint/port.
> If such an endpoint/port is included in an EPR, what is the relationship
> between the value of the [address] property and the URI value in the
> [service-port] property? We have said that the [address] property is a 
> logical address and not necessarily the physical endpoint where messages 
> can be sent and how the mapping between logical to physical takes place 
> is an extensibility point. Is that true if a service QName is present in 
> the EPR. I.e., should our spec say that if the service QName is present 
> then the physical address is what is specified by the wsdl port.
> This subissue is not resolved yet.

The core specification uses the term "network address" and "logical
address" and now we're discussing a "physical address". I find these terms 
confusing given they are all URIs.

My preference is to remove them from Web Services Addressing altogether. 
If they are to remain, I'd then like to see a definition of their precise 


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