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RE: Ignoring logs (Re: WSO2 -> Axis issues (PLEASE READ, SPEC/TEST ISSUES))

From: <paul.downey@bt.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 14:38:45 -0000
Message-ID: <2A7793353757DB4392DF4DFBBC9522550276F46D@I2KM11-UKBR.domain1.systemhost.net>
To: <dims@wso2.com>, <dims@wso2.com>
Cc: <gdaniels@sonicsoftware.com>, <mark.little@jboss.com>, <public-ws-addressing-tests@w3.org>

Hi Dims

> Best Case Scenario: We find why the 2 logs went bad before the call
> Worst Case Scenario: We don't find why the 2 logs went bad before the call

My bet is a glitch given people aren't coordinated in how the runs
are being performed, and it's possible endpoints go up and down.

FWIW I just rm *raw.xml, fetched fresh copies of all the logs
and rebuilt the report with no 'bad' logs or red from Sun/JBoss:


> Since Sun is in the elite orange box set and the logs have gone bad,
> could we please at least remove the orange boxes if
> we don't find the problem?

The orange boxes were added on a first come first serve basis
and were useful to help visualise if we'd met our chartered
requirements when we still had a lot of red on the report.

I'd agree they're less useful now, and maybe at some point we should 
remove them, but not today, eh?

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