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From: <paul.downey@bt.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 23:30:05 -0000
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Thursday/Friday is a Working Group meeting at which we have a 
slot on Friday morning to present the results from the interop 

There hasn't AFAIK been any talk of a 'demo' at the F2F - 
we had our 2 days fest in Vancouver with a four hour
telcon last week .. then there is our weekly telcon on 
a Tuesday which Jonathan would like to run this week. 

You're more than welcome to participate in the CR testing  
let us know your public endpoint and I'll add it to the 
testing page. If you can provide access to your logs 
(either in WS-I or our own log format) I'll then happily
add your implementation to the report.

(I haven't had a network connection here good enough to 
commit the report)

Technical Plenary details:


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What date/time is the scheduled interop demo? (Assuming there is on.)


Jonathan Marsh wrote:
> I propose we have our testing call at the normal time tomorrow.  Although I'm not sure how many of us are at the TP or en-route, we're getting a few red squares from hitting the refreshed endpoints that could need some debugging.
> I'll try to catch Paul to update the report with the latest logs.
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