RE: SOAP Binding and SOAPAction in SOAP 1.1 -- editorial issue



	There is an editorial issue with the  paragraph quoted above
(old as well as new). SOAPAction HTTP header is required by SOAP 1.1 and
BP 1.1 only in the case of HTTP request and not for the HTTP response.
The current wordings make it appear that the value of SOAPAction HTTP
header must be either "[action]" or "" for both the HTTP request and
response. To disambiguate this, I would like to suggest a ed.
	"Use of the SOAPAction HTTP header is required in the HTTP
Request when using the SOAP 1.1 HTTP binding. The value of the
SOAPAction HTTP header, if present, MUST either be "[action]" or ""
(quotes are significant). The latter case supports the ability to
obscure the wsa:Action header through SOAP-level security mechanisms,
without requiring otherwise unnecessary transport-level security. A
SOAPAction value different to "[action]" or "", results in the
generation of an Action Mismatch fault (see Action Mismatch)."
	I agree with adding "in the HTTP request", but not ", if
present,", which appears to conflict with the fact that we just stated
that the header was required. Perhaps instead say "The value of the HTTP
request header ..." or just leave the second sentence as is, since the
[new] first sentence already states we're only talking about the HTTP

Received on Thursday, 27 October 2005 18:35:39 UTC