Re: FW: CR ISSUE : Generating non-reply messages

A belated +1.

Glen Daniels wrote:

>As discussed yesterday at the F2F, I would like to raise the following
>CR issue.
>Last Call issue number 89, comment 7 [1], brought up the issue that we
>did (and do) not specify how to formulate anything other than a "reply"
>message in our spec.  Especially in light of the fact that we have been
>discussing how to map EPRs to WSDL, there are clearly cases where one
>wants to know how to formulate and send a message to an EPR outside of
>the context of an explicit reply.  In order to specify this, we could
>make the following changes:
>* Factor out most of the content of step 2 (all but the second bullet)
>in the current section 3.2 into a new section 3.2, called "Sending a
>Message to an EPR" or the like.  The remaining stuff would be section
>3.3, "Formulating a Reply Message".
>* The text of step 2 in the new section 3.3 would change to "send the
>message per 'sending a message to an EPR' above, and additionally
>populate the [relationship] property as follows: a new pair of IRIs...
><rest of old text>"
>It seems that this would be a very simple change to make, and would
>clarify our specification for any number of non-reply-specific use

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