New Issue: SOAP Binding CR document needs to specify two additional predefined faults in Section 5.4.1

In SOAP binding CR document [1], several builtin SOAP faults have been
identified. The Predefined Faults list in Section 5.4 indicates in an
editorial note that additional faults may need to be defined based on
feedback given during CR period. 

The predefined InvalidAddressing Header faults in Section 5.4.1 do not
contain two important categories of faults for indicating the
endpoint/binding's capability to handle 

-- only anonymous 
-- only non-anonymous addresses. 

2 new faults are needed in order to indicate an endpoint/bindings's
level of support for handling anonymous addresses, especially to be used
for indicating the endpoint's level of capability of handling
asynchronous binding for SOAP/HTTP when the client uses the
endpoint/binding in a non-supported manner.  

The following two categories may be added to Section 5.4.1 to resolve
this issue:

-- wsa:OnlyAnonymousAddressSupported
-- wsa:OnlyNonAnonymousAddressSupported




Dr. Umit Yalcinalp
Standards Architect
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Received on Monday, 21 November 2005 20:09:24 UTC