Re: What to do with WoT Profiles 1.0

On 26/04/24 23:10, Ben Francis wrote:
> In the last meeting I attended Luca said he would put a proposal in 
> writing to the wider Working Group (since it requires a wider 
> consensus), but as far as I can tell that didn't happen. I believe it 
> was then discussed again in the following two WoT Profile meetings, but 
> still no decision has been made.

I tried to get at least the consensus in the TF and understand exactly 
how to address the concerns voiced by Daniel and Ege, but even that is 
taking a bit more time than I wished =/

> What you call "implcit mechansims" but I would call a "concrete protocol 
> binding" is the only available option to guarantee interoperability in 
> WoT 1.x, since the Thing Description 1.1 specification is not expressive 
> enough to unambiguously describe the full set of operations currently 
> defined. If the consensus is that this is not acceptable, then that may 
> rule out Profiles 1.0 being published in its current form. I think we 
> need to hear more opinions on this.

I think the problem here is that having implicit elements could confuse 
a consumer, but the best would be to see something practical.

>       * Any mention of ambiguity means a lack of expressiveness in the
>         TD spec, thus should be solved there first. The TD TF is aware
>         that there are a lot of things to do and we are working on
>         structuring the work and prioritizing work items. 
>         Metaoperations is a can of worms and we will handle that in this
>         charter. Any suggestions on that would be nice. Along with
>         manageable actions.
> I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree on this point, because I 
> don't believe the Thing Description specification will ever be 
> expressive enough with binding templates alone to describe the level of 
> detail necessary for out-of-the box interoperability.

You can bind a behavior to vocabulary terms, so everything would work as 
long as the terms are in the TD. But I think we are returning on the 
topic of degraded consumption.


PS: Since Discovery and Security are on pause, can we have a Monday slot 
for Profiles assuming it works better for everybody?

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