Re: What to do with WoT Profiles 1.0

On 25/04/24 13:20, Ben Francis wrote:
> I would of course be interested to hear other opinions, but then suggest 
> moving quickly to a formal resolution so that the profile task force can 
> continue its work.

The more I'm pondering about it and the more I think we can consider 
Option 1 plus "profiles bring in vocabulary terms so consumers not 
supporting that specific profiles do not have ambiguities since they 
would have to reject the forms as they would for protocols they do not 

Ideally we could get away by being very specific in the terms used for 

This way TD 1.1 properties can be consumed by any TD 1.1 consumer, 
actions and events that need the knowledge of a profile to be correctly 
consumed would be ignored since they sport a subprotocol term provided 
by the specific profile.

Could we think and next week discuss about going this direction? I think 
the consensus so far is that:
- we want profile 1.0 work to be wrapped up fast to the point it can be 
used no matter how reduced is the set of capabilities as long it is more 
than TD 1.1 alone.
- we cannot release something that would force consumers to reject 
completely a TD if it signals a profile that is not supported.


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