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08 Sep 2020


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          Kaz_Ashimura, Ege_Korkan, Cristiano_Aguzzi,
          Daniel_Peintner, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_McCool,





     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]Previous minutes
         2. [5]Review API conference presentation
         3. [6]Animation
     * [7]Summary of Action Items
     * [8]Summary of Resolutions

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Previous minutes

   <inserted> [9]Sep-1

      [9] https://www.w3.org/2020/09/01-wot-marketing-minutes.html

   McCool: aside for a typo they look nice. any other comments?
   ... ok published

Review API conference presentation

   Ege: I am waiting for the final url of the presentation from
   the w3c

   McCool: you could put them in github

   Ege: I was not sure if I could

   <kaz> [10]Ege's slides

     [10] https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-archive/2020Sep/att-0205/ASC2020.pptx

   McCool: maybe you could ask them. usually they are fine with
   that. Anyhow I understand your concerns

   Ege: first a do an introduction. Then I describe the current
   IoT scenario. Different protocols
   ... then I also describe different deployment scenarios for WoT
   ... even if at the internet level the communication happen
   usually with only HTTP MQTT non-ip level is more diverse

   McCool: I'd mention that on public networks are limited (i.e.
   no broadcast)

   Daniel: there a typo in silos (written as "siloes")

   Kaz: it seems that some words have different fonts

   Ege: yes I should fix them

   McCool: I'd add that our goal is to support mashups

   Ege: then I'll introduce the WoT as a general concept.
   ... I think to it easier to start from a simple example and
   then build up to the Thing Description

   McCool: I have a problem with the book shown in the current
   ... it is quite old and the standard is went to other
   ... I am afraid to give the wrong idea to the audience
   ... maybe it is better to point to our deliverable
   ... I even think that this slide is a distraction

   Kaz: I agree

   McCool: I suggest to change Not prescriptive to descriptive not
   ... Also I rephrase "can be linked" to it can be annotated with
   semantic vocabularies

   Kaz: what about using the word interaction affordance before
   properties actions and events?

   McCool: abstraction are good. I think that the annotation
   reference should be move upwards to cleanly divide the
   different level of abstraction

   Kaz: I see that you used quite a lot "but"s

   Ege: I agree here I can remove it

   McCool: I agree

   Kaz: the font is too small

   McCool: I'd remove the content of properties action and events
   and then expand one of the in the next slides

   Kaz: Also the contrast can be improved

   McCool: I agree

   Ege: noted

   McCool: next slide is a little bit artificial
   ... thinking from a practical point view. Just use http for
   read and write and mqtt for subscribe

   Kaz: maybe you could pick the example that we made last week
   for the animation

   McCool: you probably check that

   Ege: ok I'll do it

   McCool: maybe instead of the book you can use the current

   Kaz: or you can use the charter page

   Ege: I don't think people cares too much
   ... people will be overloaded with the charter details

   McCool: I agree
   ... here you are showing node-wot but you never mentioned it

   Ege: I can remove the reference there

   McCool: you could mention that node-wot is an implementation of
   scripting api after the previous slide

   Ege: I have slide 16; I can move it

   Kaz: why don't you use the main architecture diagram to explain

   overview.png ?

     [11] https://w3c.github.io/wot-architecture/images/architecture/overview.png

   McCool: I think that diagram should be put even earlier

   Kaz: yes that one or even the simpler version of it

   <kaz> [12]Fig 19 Architectural Aspects of a Thing

     [12] https://w3c.github.io/wot-architecture/images/architecture/webthing.svg

   <kaz> [13]Fig 25 Relationship of WoT Building Blocks to the
   Architectural Aspects of a Thing.

     [13] https://w3c.github.io/wot-architecture/images/bblocks/abstract.svg

   McCool: it would be nicer to use that diagram. Also for

   Ege: I am not a super fan of the diagram style

   McCool: you can modify it...

   Ege: however I can not animate it

   McCool: you can divide the svg in different parts
   ... slide 14 it is better to state directly the scope in title
   ... is there a testing slide?

   Ege: no, but I can mention in slide 15

   McCool: slide 17 chage the title to orchestration or something
   ... and in slide 16 I call it scripting
   ... slide 17 please cite node-red

   Ege: I planned to mentioned in the speech but I can write it

   McCool: slide 18 add a definition for mashup
   ... typo in slide 19
   ... probability is misspelled
   ... I'll add a weather service

   Ege: In the final slides I'll talk about plugfests and future
   ... just to show that we are active
   ... I want to mention that we are a stable api

   McCool: yeah enphatize that we have a solid foundation.

   Kaz: since this is API conference we should mention that TD is
   a means of describing a network api while the Scripting API is
   a JS-based API for browsers/Node, etc.

   Ege: thanks for the feedback I'll time to incorporate the


   McCool: the animator requested feedback for its visual style
   ... also I ma not sure that the contrast is good, do you have
   news from the accessiblity group?

   Kaz: not yet

   McCool: I think we should mention this to the animator

   Ege: I didn't understand that the first picture contained a

   McCool: yeah I think we should report that

   Daniel: if the animator needs more resources please let me know

   McCool: I'll get back to him
   ... I am working to TPAC video
   ... Also we need to collect demo videos
   ... tutorial are different from demo video
   ... the intend audience is other w3c members
   ... we can talk again tomorrow
   ... any objection to merge PR #82

   <kaz> [14]PR 82

     [14] https://github.com/w3c/wot-marketing/pull/82

   McCool: kaz, where should we publish video?

   Kaz: I think we can put them in the w3c channel of YouTube but
   I'd suggest you ask Ralph and Dom about that.

   <dape> Video

     [15] https://w3c.github.io/wot-marketing/developers/

   Cristiano: kaz could you please check the end slide of the

   Kaz: ok

   McCool: we can also wait the feedback from Coralie

   <kaz> [adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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