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05 Feb 2020


          Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Ege_Korkan,
          Kunihiko_Toumura, Takahisa_Suzuki, Tomoaki_Mizushima,



          ege, egekorkan


     * [2]Topics
     * [3]Summary of Action Items
     * [4]Summary of Resolutions

   <kaz> scribenick: ege

   McCool: Monday, met with the Thing to Thing Research Group
   ... in order to meet in Helsinki
   ... talk about multiple themes with them
   ... update from MKoster on chip and other consortiums(?)
   ... reach out the ICWE organizers
   ... to have an information night, during the conference

   Ege: make sure that you don't conflict the social events

   McCool: they have WoT in the agenda


      [5] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting,_6-11_June_2020,_Helsinki#Plugfest

   McCool: (explaining a paragraph on the wiki about plugfests)
   ... we would need marketing for the workshop
   ... I have to send the budget to Intel to get financing
   ... need to hire a guard
   ... (gives cost of different items for the F2F)
   ... zoltan will test the internet related aspects the week
   before so send your requirements


      [6] http://plugfest.thingweb.io/playground/

   Ege: new version of playground is available

   McCool: we need a plugfest specific version of the
   implementation report

   Ege: we need to use thing implementation and consumer
   implementation all the time, when we are talking about

   McCool: we would need a csv file as a result of a test to
   capture this
   ... (shows an interoperability table between intel and hitachi)
   ... I have the tooling set up to generate a matrix but we need
   to decide what it means to pass an interoperability test

   Ege: a column for each operation type would be good

   Kaz: from w3c point of view, testing means specifications

   (Michael McCool has problem with audio connection)

   <kaz> kaz: we should once clearly define all those three
   testing categories separately, and think about which includes
   what kind of testing, and then clarify which test assertions
   are derived from which specification documents

   <kaz> scribenick: egekorkan

   <kaz> kaz: "interoperability testing" should include both the
   client side (consumer) and the server side (producer), and we
   need to show concrete data transfer between them

   <McCool> "there is a glitch in connecting to the webex
   service... please try again later"

   <McCool> we are at the end of the hour anyway, so let's just
   call it a day

   <McCool> anyway, please look at the wiki page, etc.

   <McCool> and I will work on the tooling as described

   <McCool> and we can continue discussing features etc next week

   <McCool> any other business?

   <kaz> just would like us all to remember we should clarify each
   category of "Testing" here :)

   <McCool> sure, that was my intent

   <McCool> "Conformance" is what is normally meant by testing in

   <McCool> "Interoperability" is additional testing for pairs of
   implementations working together

   <McCool> ok, anyway, let's adjourn, if there isn't anything


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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