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[wot-ig/wg] minutes - 23 October 2019

From: Kazuyuki Ashimura <ashimura@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2019 22:50:50 +0900
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      [1] http://www.w3.org/

                               - DRAFT -


23 Oct 2019


      [2] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_WoT_WebConf#23_Oct_2019


          Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, David_Ezell,
          Michael_Lagally, Taki_Kamiya, Michael_Koster,
          Kunihiko_Toumura, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Oliver_Pfaff,
          Sebastian_Kaebisch, Daniel_Peintner, Tetsushi_Matsuda,
          Takahisa_Suzuki, Ege_Korkan, Ryuichi_Matsukura,


          McCool, Sebastian



     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]Oliver from Siemens
         2. [5]Security call
         3. [6]Charter call
         4. [7]Marketing call
         5. [8]Daylight Saving change
         6. [9]Update on IRTF workshop/IETF hackathon
         7. [10]Project review on TAG
         8. [11]IG Charter
         9. [12]CR2 preparation
        10. [13]WG Charter
        11. [14]Scripting APIs next step?
        12. [15]TF reports
        13. [16]PlugFest call today
     * [17]Summary of Action Items
     * [18]Summary of Resolutions

   <scribe> scribenick: kaz


     [19] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_WoT_WebConf#23_Oct_2019

Oliver from Siemens

   Oliver: from Siemens
   ... was active within WoT IG for security
   ... and back again
   ... looking forward to the discussions

   McCool: really appreciated
   ... security/privacy aspects
   ... more security? or privacy?

   Oliver: more security

Security call

   McCool: prioritize security call
   ... recently didn't work well for people
   ... now a number of people indicated interest


     [20] https://doodle.com/poll/t6uxq6uvacqt63bt

   McCool: not good time so far
   ... Kaz added some more time slots in the afternoon JP
   ... try to decide a time slot
   ... please update your poll
   ... if you double click the slots, you can choose "if need to"
   ... if you could do that quickly, we can make decision for the
   new slot for next week
   ... the current slot on Monday doesn't work well
   ... would prioritize security experts' attendance
   ... we need to talk about the goal as well
   ... security/privacy guidelines and best practices

Charter call

   McCool: tomorrow, we'll have the Charter call
   ... need to finalize the draft Charter by the end of this week
   and send it to W3M
   ... outstanding issue esp. about onboarding and lifecycle
   ... need to wrap this up
   ... probably need a resolution
   ... link here to the info on the call

   [21]Charter call wiki

     [21] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Charter_WebConf

Marketing call

   McCool: if you're interested, please attend

Daylight Saving change

   McCool: next week there will be a change

   * All calls are booked relative to Eastern (Boston) Time.

   * next week, after Sunday Oct 27, the calls will start one hour
   earlier in Europe (no change in US or Japan)

   * in two weeks and later, after Sunday Nov 3, the calls will
   start one hour later in Japan (no change in US; go back to
   usual time in Europe)

   * See [22]http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/b.html

     [22] http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/b.html


   McCool: please be aware of this
   ... esp, if you're in Europe for next week
   ... and then Japan (one hour later)
   ... effects the time for the security doodle as well...
   ... any questions?


Update on IRTF workshop/IETF hackathon

   McCool: due to problems with the funding and people's
   ... the WoT f2f has been cancelled
   ... but I personally still will go to Singapore
   ... IRTF workshop is still happening
   ... take place on Nov 15
   ... full-day workshop
   ... people from Singapore including the smart city guys
   ... thinking about discovery, etc.
   ... make sure to get feedback
   ... if you want to come, more than welcome
   ... but have to get registered

   [23]IETF hackathon registration site

     [23] https://www.ietf.org/registration/ietf106/hackathonregistration.py

   Koster: another site for the workshop


     [24] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_WoT_WebConf#23_Oct_2019

   <McCool> [25]https://github.com/t2trg/2019-11-singapore

     [25] https://github.com/t2trg/2019-11-singapore

   McCool: at the site above
   ... registration for the IRTF workshop here

   <McCool> [26]IRTF workshop registration site


   McCool: and another registration for the IETF workshop
   ... two separate registration sites

   <McCool> please register for IETF hackathon separately

   Two registration sites, one for IRTF workshop and another for
   IETF hackathon:
   * [27]IRTF workshop registration site (Nov. 15)


   * [28]IETF hackathon registration site (Nov. 16-17)

     [28] https://www.ietf.org/registration/ietf106/hackathonregistration.py

   McCool: there is a set of project including WoT and T2TRG
   ... after this call, we can talk about the detailed logistics
   ... anybody here thinking about going?

   Koster: yes
   ... whole things
   ... Friday through next Friday

   McCool: anybody else?

   Toumura: can join the IRTF workshop and the IETF hackathon

   Kaz: we can talk about the details during the PlugFest call

Project review on TAG

   McCool: we cancelled the marketing call last Thursday
   ... and joined the project review about the TAG review
   ... higher priority
   ... they suggested we talk with them earlier
   ... probably with a better explainer
   ... need to think about that more

   Kaz: As the team contact of the WoT WG, I can understand both
   the frustration of the WoT guys and Dan's suggestions. I think
   we need a nicer mechanism for our deeper collaboration. For
   example, one possibility is WoT guys' providing a project
   review to the TAG and other related group guys, and then have
   actual TAG review (and wide reviews). Actually, that is one of
   the action items for the WoT WG already :)


   Kaz: gave a comment above during the TAG call

IG Charter

   McCool: updated IG Charter has been approved
   ... Yay!



   Kaz: Sebastian is also part of the co-Chair as well as McCool

CR2 preparation

   [30]Architecture transition request

     [30] https://github.com/w3c/transitions/issues/177

   [31]TD transition request

     [31] https://github.com/w3c/transitions/issues/178

   McCool: submitted transition requests for Arch and TD
   ... for TD, link to the implementation report as well
   ... sub directory named "cr2"
   ... also a branch named "CR2-request"
   ... one thing came up though
   ... (shows the implementation report)
   ... added an additional assertion
   ... that is a normative assertion
   ... need to call out within the SoTD section
   ... as one of the changes
   ... did make one sentence change for that
   ... so need an updated group resolution for that
   ... highlighted by yellow as an at-risk item
   ... it's at-risk because there is no implementation yet
   ... at the moment
   ... anyway we need a resolution for the change

   <McCool> proposal: working group acknowledge the patch in the
   SoTD section of the TD spec calling out td-writeall-consumer

   McCool: any objections?


   RESOLUTION: working group acknowledge the patch in the SoTD
   section of the TD spec calling out td-writeall-consumer

   McCool: next Architecture:
   ... (shows the transition request's normative reference

   [32]PR 406

     [32] https://github.com/w3c/wot-architecture/pull/406

   McCool: one actual change here
   ... the transition requests are submitted
   ... we're on track
   ... waiting for the other things to happen
   ... (back to the implementation report)
   ... still have several unimplemented features
   ... about OAuth2
   ... also some more security schemes
   ... any comments?

   Lagally: one resolution or two?

   McCool: the remaining patch is for TD
   ... any other comments?


WG Charter

   McCool: (as mentioned) really need to finalize the draft WG
   Charter this week
   ... could have a release candidate and get resolution during
   this call
   ... any suggestions/input?

   <McCool> proposal: the attendees of the WG charter call on Oct
   24 are empowered to release, at their discretion, a WG charter
   candidate which will be submitted to W3M on Oct 25 as long as
   there are no objections (indicated by new github issues in the
   wot repo)

   McCool: any objections?


   RESOLUTION: the attendees of the WG charter call on Oct 24 are
   empowered to release, at their discretion, a WG charter
   candidate which will be submitted to W3M on Oct 25 as long as
   there are no objections (indicated by new github issues in the
   wot repo)

Scripting APIs next step?

   McCool: Zoltan?

   Zoltan: last time had some discussion
   ... right now the update WD is under publication prep
   ... we'll have discovery discussion at some point

   McCool: look at the Charter
   ... add a description to each deliverable
   ... incubation work like scripting?
   ... could have two separate sections, one for Note and another
   (incubation and REC track later)
   ... future REC track

   Zoltan: API has been worked on for several years
   ... it's tied to the deployment model
   ... run on the edge, etc.

   McCool: if it's included in browsers, need to follow browser
   API conventions
   ... should Scripting APIs go back as a normative deliverable?
   ... or incubation and later?
   ... maybe we can at least put it as an informative deliverable
   ... potential future REC track item

   <Zakim> dape, you wanted to advantage of splitting
   non-normative documents

   Daniel: there is nothing wrong to have those two categories
   ... but am wondering about having 2 buckets
   ... if there is no actual need, would not go for it

   Zoltan: the current way is ok

   McCool: ok
   ... so simply keep it asis
   ... informative deliverable without any further categorization
   ... that's part of the topics for tomorrow
   ... anything else?

   Zoltan: right now, we wouldn't proceed with the idea of
   creating a new CG

   McCool: ok
   ... note that we're finalizing the draft WG Charter

   Zoltan: yes

TF reports

   McCool: a few minutes left
   ... any TF reports?

   Lagally: architecture call tomorrow, Oct 24
   ... requirements discussion

   McCool: profiles?

   Lagally: yes

   McCool: TD call on Friday, Oct 25?

   Sebastian: yes
   ... should look into Binding Templates

   McCool: ok
   ... regarding Security
   ... still looking for a better slot
   ... we can discuss the doodle results during the call
   ... if there is a Marketing call tomorrow, Oct 25, please join
   ... any other points?


PlugFest call today

   McCool: discussion on logistics for the IRTF workshop and IETF
   hackathon during the PlugFest call after this call
   ... on this webex

   Kaz: and on #wot-pf IRC channel as usual


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

    1. [33]working group acknowledge the patch in the SoTD section
       of the TD spec calling out td-writeall-consumer
    2. [34]the attendees of the WG charter call on Oct 24 are
       empowered to release, at their discretion, a WG charter
       candidate which will be submitted to W3M on Oct 25 as long
       as there are no objections (indicated by new github issues
       in the wot repo)

   [End of minutes]

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