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[online-plugfest] minutes - 28 September 2018 - slot A

From: Kazuyuki Ashimura <ashimura@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2018 10:06:10 +0900
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                               - DRAFT -

                            Online PlugFest

28 Sep 2018 - slot A


          Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Itaru_Nakagawa,
          Kunihiko_Toumura, Takeshi_Yamada, Toru_Kawaguchi,





     * [2]Topics
         1. [3]PRs
         2. [4]Intel
         3. [5]Fujitsu
         4. [6]Hitachi
         5. [7]Oracle
         6. [8]Panasonic
         7. [9]AOB
     * [10]Summary of Action Items
     * [11]Summary of Resolutions


   McCool: please make sure you've submitted PRs so that we can
   merge them

   Sangyong: attending this call on behalf of Michael Lagally
   ... working with him on IoT


   McCool: issues last night
   ... Itaru-san pointed out one

   <itaru_> Intel OCF Device on vlan2 (http binding) seems not
   working right now. It returns 404 respCode when I send read
   Property request . It says Resource retrieve failed: retrieve:
   unexpected response...

   McCool: think the server is restarting
   ... but need to work on that
   ... everything online except the issues above
   ... yesterday, tried CoAP simulator
   ... Matthias tried to connect
   ... global and vlan
   ... but CoAP was not available on VLAN
   ... will make it work on VLAN so that people can access
   ... thinks things would become better
   ... relay on one machine


   Itaru: no update from last night

   McCool: plan for today?

   Itaru: still thinking


   Toumura: would share some idea
   ... node-red screen
   ... generated based on TD automatically
   ... upper one is clock app
   ... including Panasonic bulletin board
   ... 2nd one industrial scenario
   ... with oracle pump simulator and panasonic hue/bulletin board
   ... showing the panasonic center in osaka
   ... can control hue/bulletin board based on oracle's pump

   McCool: interesting


   Sangyong: no update
   ... several issues raised by Lagally

   McCool: issue recorded at issue tracker?

   Sangyong: using oracle internal tracker
   ... but any other tracker?

   McCool: on GH at: [12]https://github.com/w3c/wot/issues

     [12] https://github.com/w3c/wot/issues

   Sangyong: think the problems are oracle internal ones
   ... so Lagally didn't register them to GH


   Toru: no particular update
   ... planning to connect some devices which are already exposed
   ... but not so many devices are exposed via Fujitsu proxy.

   McCool: right...
   ... looking at your note

   TD Directory running on Fujitsu's Remote Proxy Servient

   An application servient can retreive a TD with

     [13] http://wot.f-ncs.ad.jp/Things/

   A device servient can register a TD to
   [14] (local to vlan2)


   If a device does not have authentication capability, remote
   proxy provides basic authentication to the application and
   rewrites the security metadata in TD for adding a term "basic".


   Toru: question for Fujitsu. right?

   McCool: ah, need to ask Sano-san

   Toru: btw, is your portal also working?
   ... your TD shows endpoint

   McCool: let me check
   ... (visits GH)


     [15] https://github.com/w3c/wot/blob/master/testing/online/intel.md

   McCool: visits portal.mmccool.net:9029
   ... the name is different...
   ... only zero and two show up
   ... not completely correct
   ... mandatory security to be fixed
   ... look at "form"
   ... vlan, local portal
   ... have tiktak
   ... can see the TD but strangely have "led1" as "id"
   ... will investigate

   Toru: ok
   ... will try to access it


   McCool: let's close the meeting and continue the work
   ... let's check the status in the afternoon

   Itaru: want to test CoAP binding

   McCool: ok
   ... one strategy is
   ... using OCF device online
   ... but requires special binding for OCF
   ... as far as regular OCF devices, that works
   ... CoAP would work with node-coap
   ... need to work with Matthias
   ... installing iotivity
   ... simpler test environment
   ... will work on that
   ... so two possible ways
   ... Koster was also interested in CoAP connection
   ... and mentioned he needed some bridge
   ... btw, Itaru-san, do you mind if I share your script for
   bridging to the group?
   ... for site-to-site bridge
   ... your stuff is very useful

   <itaru_> Its ok to share document with group

   Kaz: wondering whether it's ok to share it publicly or not
   ... maybe member-only?

   McCool: you can respond by email later

   Itaru: ok to share it publicly :)

   McCool: other people who have slides, please share them with
   the group too

   Kaz: btw, is there any concrete plan for "Heap" connection

   McCool: Matthias is not available today...
   ... myself will continue to work, though

   Kaz: ok
   ... in that case, let's check the progress during the next slot
   (slot B) today
   ... and think about the concrete plan at that time

   McCool: note OCF devices are not completely CoAP devices
   ... would look at industry scenario as well
   ... would see Koster's semantic markup
   ... can look at "Semantic integration"

   Kaz: ok
   ... btw, Sangyong, do you think Lagally can join slot B?

   <Sangyong> I think he can join slot B. Let me ask him.

   Kaz: let's adjourn this call and talk to you all again at slot

   [slot A adjourned; people continue to work and check the
   progress at slot B]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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