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[wot-ig/wg] minutes - 3 October 2018

From: Kazuyuki Ashimura <ashimura@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2018 09:32:32 +0900
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Thanks a lot for taking these minutes, Michael Lagally!




      [1] http://www.w3.org/

                               - DRAFT -


03 Oct 2018


      [2] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_WoT_WebConf#Agenda


          Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Koster, Michael_McCool,
          Michael_Lagally, Daniel_Peintner, Toru_Kawaguchi,
          Kunihiko_Toumura, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Takeshi_Sano,



          mlagally, kaz


     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]Working draft releases
         2. [5]Dev meetup
         3. [6]Online plugfest
         4. [7]Task force reports
     * [8]Summary of Action Items
     * [9]Summary of Resolutions

Working draft releases

   scribenick: mlagally

   Kaz: almost done, but need to finalize check today. Will try
   publication this week or during weekend using the automatic
   publishing system

Dev meetup

   McCool: demo time is 1 hour starting at 6:30
   ... we have 2 tables (150*200 (300?))
   ... please register if you plan to attend
   ... will upload registration link to wiki later

   Kaz: need to bring display or projector for dev meetup?

   scribenick: kaz

   McCool: probably we should bring our own ones...

Online plugfest

   scribenick: mlagally

   McCool: we need to capture results
   ... need to verify results template: does it match to
   preparation document?
   ... plug fest was useful, but I did not accomplish what I
   ... we need to use the remaining time until Lyon
   ... get our results done quickly

   Kaz: Fujitsu has already provided a report

   McCool: diagram shows Fujitsu's view - we need a common view

   Kaz: consider spread sheet suggestion again

   McCool: tabular form of results would be good
   ... perhaps google doc would be good. I will ask Matthias for a

   Lagally: we also need an overview diagram as we had before

   Koster: spreadsheet is a good idea

   Kaz: start with a diagram and start with generation based on a

   Koster: google docs may have an API to generate a graph

   Kaz: Matsukura.san's diagram could be a starting point

   Koster: do we still continue on the remote setup with a VLAN

   McCool: VLAN is really useful for IoT testing

   Koster: will provide a note for Federico

   McCool: we need an expert to sort out VLAN

   Kaz: concrete guideline based on plugfest experience would be
   useful (VLAN, proxy, network configuration). Perhaps a group

   McCool: I should capture my configuration setup, however still
   need to finalize it
   ... post Lyon we might consider another online plug fest
   ... I want to have VLAN operational by Lyon

   Koster: OCF has some parts of this, if we don't consider
   ... new organisations do CoAP interops, Zigbee, LWM2M

   McCool: VPN is an interesting mechanism to extend the region

   scribenick: kaz

   Lagally: we do a lot of conversation on VLAN, etc.
   ... difference between open Internet and closed secure network
   ... pretty unlikely VLAN would be really used by people
   ... so we should not forget that

   Koster: what we need to work on includes proxy
   ... inter-proxy tunnel, etc.
   ... let's work on that for Lyon and every plugfest

   McCool: ok
   ... a lot of people working on the open Internet with security
   ... we got experience with bearer token, etc.

   Lagally: need to have control for both sides
   ... we should not make assumption

   scribenick: mlagally

   Lagally: we should not assume that we control the consumer and
   the producer of data

   scribenick: kaz

   Koster: we use TD

   McCool: there is an issue with TD re-write

   scribenick: mlagally

   McCool: proxy subgroup could talk about that
   ... API for standardized thing directories would help

   Koster: we had TDs in a thing directory at an earlier plug fest

   McCool: I want persistence managed by a directory
   ... state caching

   Koster: inter proxy tunnel has to manage how to do state
   ... need to focus on balance between testing and system design
   ... directories and semantic lookup
   ... what's the balance for Lyon plug fest?

   McCool: Lyon plug fest folder is currently empty
   ... consider preparations and results document from online plug

   <kaz> [10]readme.md

     [10] https://github.com/w3c/wot/tree/master/plugfest/2018-sept-online

   Kaz: main readme.md can be categorized into several services
   like (1) authentication, (2) directory, (3) proxy, (4)
   validation, (5) simulator, (6) OCF gateway and (7) network
   configuration, e.g., VPN

   McCool: we need preparation.md, templates, results.csv
   ... next meeting: all results done, will create a template
   based on the current one

   Kaz: are you moderating the Lyon plug fest as well? I'm asking
   because it might be a bit tough.

   McCool: I can chair both meetings, but if somebody else wants
   to step forward I'm also good
   ... will discuss with Matthias and Matsukura on Lyon
   preparation and results documents
   ... please register for Lyon, if you have not already done

   <kaz> [11]Lyon PlugFest registration results

     [11] https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/1/WoTPlugFest201810/results

   Kaz: 13 people registered so far

   scribenick: kaz

   Kaz: btw, Matsukura-san and Sano-san have just joined
   ... we can ask them if they can give their report during this
   ... or the following PF call

   scribenick: mlagally

   McCool: we need to do a lot more work on scenarios
   ... compelling application scenarios

   scribenick: kaz

   Lagally: another proposal from Michael for industry scenario
   ... also something like Panasonic light automatically turned
   ... maybe a dry-run before Lyon?
   ... some sync-up point

   Koster: focus on Thing Directory

   scribenick: mlagally_

   McCool: TD did not work
   ... Koster and Lagally drive the scenarios

   Kaz: we already have working modules and possible scenarios,
   everybody should contribute

   Koster: looking for consistent semantic integration

Task force reports

   Koster: we were just publishing the documents

   <kaz> [main call adjourned; plugfest call will start in 10

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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