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[WoT-breakout-prep][DRAFT] minutes - 26 October 2020

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Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 05:02:44 +0900
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Thanks a lot for taking the minutes, Cristiano!



      [1] http://www.w3.org/

                               - DRAFT -

                        WoT Breakout Preparation

26 Oct 2020


          Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Cristiano_Aguzzi,
          Ege_Korkan, Kunihiko_Toumura, Sebastian_Kaebisch,
          Tomoaki_Mizushima, Daniel_Peintner, Ryuichi_Matsukura





     * [2]Topics
         1. [3]Breakout planning
         2. [4]NHK
         3. [5]Cristiano
         4. [6]NHK - revisited
         5. [7]Cristiano - revisited
         6. [8]TUM
         7. [9]Siemens
         8. [10]Breakouts timetable
         9. [11]AOB

     * [12]Summary of Action Items
     * [13]Summary of Resolutions

   <kaz> scribenick: cris

Breakout planning

   McCool: today we'll organize an agenda for our breakout session


   <inserted> [14]PR 95

     [14] https://github.com/w3c/wot-testing/pull/95

   McCool: we have a demo video from NHK, there's an open PR for
   ... merged
   ... (shows NHK video)
   ... there's no voice over
   ... it is 45 second long, but it shows node-red and other


   <kaz> [15]Issue 92

     [15] https://github.com/w3c/wot-testing/issues/92

   McCool: is there a video about wot-farm?

   Cristiano: there is a video and some slides

   <inserted> [16]Cristiano's slides

     [16] https://github.com/w3c/wot-testing/blob/master/events/2020.09.Online/scenarios/farm/outcome-farm-tum.pptx

   <inserted> [17]Cristiano's video

     [17] https://youtu.be/JqKBwkvrjio

   McCool: I'll start from the intro slides and then insert farm
   slides in the activities

   Cristiano: (explains wot farm video content)

   McCool: (adapting WoT farm's slides to the intro)
   ... maybe it is better to strip down the code explanation.
   ... I'll create a slide with the mashup code.

NHK - revisited

   McCool: do we have slides from NHK ?
   ... I don't see any in the testing repo

   Kaz: maybe we can pick some of the content from their README.md

   <kaz> [18]NHK's README.md

     [18] https://github.com/w3c/wot-testing/tree/master/events/2020.09.Online/TDs/NHK

   McCool: yeah, we still have a good readme. Probably we can just
   transform the readme to a set of slides

Cristiano - revisited

   McCool: Cristiano, if possible, it would be nice to have an mp3
   video that I can use


   McCool: What about TUM? Ege do you have something?

   Ege: Now TUM has a course dedicated to the Web of Things

   McCool: if you want we can insert some slides about your work,
   near WoT farm slide.
   ... do we have a screenshot about the thingweb playground?

   <Ege> [19]http://plugfest.thingweb.io/playground/

     [19] http://plugfest.thingweb.io/playground/

   Ege: I can provide the link to the playground

   Cristiano: I think the playground readme could be improved. The
   link should be at the very beginning

   Ege: Acknowledged

   McCool: do we have a link for Node-Gen integration?

   Toumura: it is on github.

   <kaz> [20]node-gen

     [20] https://github.com/node-red/node-red-nodegen


   Daniel: about the geolocation use case I added a screenshot

   McCool: that's really useful

   <Zakim> dape, you wanted to added geolocation screenshot as
   suggested, see

     [21] https://github.com/w3c/wot-testing/tree/master/events/2020.09.Online/TDs/Siemens

   McCool: it is a wide picture; Japan is missing

   Daniel: the problem is that zooming out the picture was not
   really readable
   ... the application works locally. if you download the hmtl it
   should display the map with the devices

   McCool: I see that the map shows siemens and not TUM...
   ... anything else to add in the geolocation slide?
   ... ok, I am adding a summary slide

   <Zakim> kaz, you wanted to ask about discovery

   Kaz: I was wondering about discovery capabilities, in
   particular about Link Smart

   McCool: We didn't use it this time. However, in the future, we
   could extend Toumura-san's work.

   <inserted> [22]Hitachi's slides

     [22] https://github.com/w3c/wot-testing/blob/master/events/2020.09.Online/prototypes/Hitachi/2020-10-01-nodered-mdns.pptx

   Toumura: there's a video and some slides about m-DNS work

   McCool: that's nice, I'll add this contribution to the slide

   Toumura: I think the sequence diagram is just a detail.

   McCool: yes, I'm going to hide it.
   ... we have lot's of material now
   ... is there any significant updates to be mentioned in the

   Sebastian: the Thing Model as a new concept
   ... what about Combo security scheme?

   McCool: that's true
   ... we have 20 slides, probably to much. I'll cut some of them
   and short the Farm video.
   ... I'll clean the presentation and I'll post it on the

   <Zakim> kaz, you wanted to ask about the next steps

   Kaz: those slides are great. What about the next steps?

   McCool: sure, should we add a slide here?

   Kaz: yes, pleasee

   Cristiano: about scripting we've already planned some
   improvement about script managment and better discovery APIs

   McCool: this links with the Web and networks Edge workers

   Kaz: there's also Profile as a future topic

   McCool: we only have three minutes, it is a lot of material
   ... I'll try to compress it a bit

   Kaz: and I'll put the compiled slides on the W3C server.

Breakouts timetable

   Kaz: FYI, I've put a timetable for the breakout sessions on the
   WoT vF2F wiki

   <kaz> [23]Breakouts timetable

     [23] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting,_October_2020#Timetable_for_Breakouts_during_TPAC


   McCool: are we done?

   Sebastian: animator answered. could you please check the email?

   McCool: sure


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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