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[govtech-collab] minutes - 21 April 2020

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Thanks a lot for taking the minutes, Michael McCool!



      [1] http://www.w3.org/

                               - DRAFT -

                             Govtech Collab

21 Apr 2020


          Kaz_Ashimura, Hazel_Kuok, Jennifer_Lin,
          Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_Lagally, Michael_McCool,
          Sebastian_Kaebisch, Dibyendu_Ghosh



          kaz, McCool


     * [2]Topics
         1. [3]Review previous minutes
         2. [4]Agenda for today
         3. [5]Guest from Intel
         4. [6]Use cases - revisited
              1. [7]use case 1: people density
              2. [8]use case 2: fleet management
              3. [9]use case 3 - connected farms
         5. [10]swarm robotics
         6. [11]edgeX/WoT
         7. [12]Python integration
     * [13]Summary of Action Items
     * [14]Summary of Resolutions

   <kaz> scribenick: kaz

Review previous minutes

   [15]Mar-24 minutes

     [15] https://www.w3.org/2020/03/24-govtech-minutes.html

   McCool: (go through the minutes)
   ... Philip's family name "Tran" should be mentioned at the
   first position

   kaz: ok

   Lagally: btw, wondering how to handle people's coming in from
   which entrance and going out from which exit...

   McCool: let's talk about that separately

   Jennifer: note the requirements for fleet management are

   McCool: right
   ... any problems with the minutes themselves?

   [16]Apr-7 minutes

     [16] https://www.w3.org/2020/04/07-govtech-minutes.html

   McCool: don't see any problems
   ... other than Philip's name

   <McCool> name "Philip" should be "Philip Tran"

   McCool: any objections to publish the both minutes?


   McCool: approved

Agenda for today

   McCool: agenda items: use cases, python integration

   Lagally: location sensors and people density

   <McCool> agenda: use cases (people density, fleet management,
   connected farms, other), swarm robotics w/ Intel, edgeX/WoT
   integration update, python-WoT integration

   Hazel: some question about possible use cases for Jennifer

   Jennifer: you can contact Chinn directly


     [17] https://github.com/w3c/wot-architecture/blob/master/USE-CASES/smart-agriculture.md

   McCool: we're holding discussion on use cases for agriculture
   as well

   Lagally: that use case has specific configuration in Japan

Guest from Intel

   McCool: Dibyendu is from Intel Robotics in Singapore

Use cases - revisited

   McCool: would like to look at each use case

* use case 1: people density

   Jennifer: there is not huge density so far

   McCool: need output of people's number?

   Jennifer: yes
   ... the robotics team intends to use AI

   <McCool> input is image, uses ai service to identify people,
   counts them, outputs a number

   <McCool> as extension, may measure distance between people

   Lagally: analogy of a supermarket

   <inserted> scribenick: McCool

   Lagally: what happens if density is too high? what is the

   Jennifer: consequence would be an alert (eg via email) to a

   <kaz> McCool: there is not a uniqueness problem in this use

   <kaz> ... let's pick features from the minutes

   Lagally: other sensors like cell phone location?

   McCool: specifically bluetooth proximity

   Jennifer: problem is, not everyone turns on bluetooth

* use case 2: fleet management

   <kaz> scribenick: McCool

   McCool: in the future, but...
   ... (comment from dibyendu: can thermal camera go on a drone?)

   Jennifer: dashboard interface to control all robots and view
   sensors through the entire city in real time
   ... control meaning you can send commands to robots to move to
   new locations, drop off or pick up packages, etc
   ... sensors can include environment, people management (counts,
   thermal cameras, etc)
   ... dashboard would include mapping functionality, status of
   robots and sensors, data visualization, historical comparisons
   ... which implies location data; also camera and data streaming

* use case 3 - connected farms

   McCool: let's defer and discuss in the future...

swarm robotics

   McCool: let me send an email to set up a meeting w/ SG robotics
   ... summary is Intel Labs in Bangalore have been working on the
   problem of coordinating multiple ground and air robots,
   relevant to SG


   McCool: demo timeframe is October 2020, at NACS, targetting
   Retail use cases
   ... but the work done on the system should also be applicable
   to Smart City and SG
   ... collaboration with Conexxus and (probably) Fraunhofer
   (LinkSmart directory project, eg supporting discovery)

Python integration

   Jennifer: any solutions for how to use WoT with python

   McCool: could do microservices, perhaps using 0mq for
   lightweight communication, but I assume you want direct

   Sebastian: for python integration, are you interested in
   consumers or producers?

   Jennifer: consumer, images

   Sebastian: what is the protocol?

   Jennifer: http, restful... future, might be video over

   Sebastian: main thing is to know what the sensors is offering;
   need to create and share a wot TD

   McCool: summary is don't have full node-wot equivalent in
   python, but there are a lot of simpler use cases that are

   Jennifer: need to think about websockets and video

   Lagally: should we gather requirements first?

   Jennifer: people counting uses video, for instance...

   McCool: also is a gap in the current health monitoring use
   case; should document there as well

   Jennifer: also interested in C++ integration

   Lagally: best to try and capture use case discussions in arch


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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