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RE: W3C WoT proposal at the Eclipse Foundation: Thingweb

From: Mccool, Michael <michael.mccool@intel.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2017 04:23:08 +0000
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Makes sense to me.  In addition to node-wot, there are a number of other services and utilities that would be useful to distribute, starting with the thing-directory implementation (I hope that is one of the things you are considering) but also local system services/things, meta-data translators (eg the OCF metadata bridge that I am working on would be a candidate), semantic tooling, and so forth.
Michael McCool

From: Kovatsch, Matthias [mailto:matthias.kovatsch@siemens.com]
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 19:22
To: public-wot-ig <public-wot-ig@w3.org>; public-wot-wg@w3.org
Subject: W3C WoT proposal at the Eclipse Foundation: Thingweb

Dear all

You might have heard that we want to position the node-wot reference implementation at the Eclipse Foundation within the IoT Working Group ("Eclipse IoT", https://iot.eclipse.org/). We now proposed an umbrella project called "Thingweb" that is intended to group to a versatile W3C WoT toolbox with Servient implementations in different languages, tooling, etc.

Please have a look at the proposal and leave a comment when you support it:


Best wishes,
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