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[TF-LD] minutes - 26 May 2017

From: Kazuyuki Ashimura <ashimura@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 27 May 2017 00:14:52 +0900
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Regarding the time slot for the TF-LD call, I sent a WebEx coordinate
to the group:
but the TF-LD wiki was not up-to-date. Sorry.

So I've updated the wiki as well with the correct link to the above WebEx
coordinate at:





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26 May 2017


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          Kaz_Ashimura, Danh_Le_Phuoc, Darko_Anicic, Feng_Zhang,
          Maria_Poveda, Michael_Koster, Achille_Zappa,




     * [4]Topics
         1. [5]Plan for upcoming activities
     * [6]Summary of Action Items
     * [7]Summary of Resolutions

   <scribe> scribenick: kaz

Plan for upcoming activities

   ... Preparation for the next F2F meeting and the Plug Fest
   ... Proposal for aligning semantic models from W3C WoT TD, OCF,
   oneM2M etc.
   ... any topics for the next f2f meeting?

   danh: roadmap?

   darko: tried to start something
   ... ideas on the roadmap
   ... didn't manage to provide any concrete proposal yet, though
   ... one question to Maria
   ... do you want to talk about your ontology work?
   ... temperature sensor, etc., during the breakouts

   maria: can talk about something
   ... let me look for the slides

   darko: ok
   ... btw, is Michael McCool around today?
   ... no...
   ... recently, we talked about linked data model for WoT apps
   ... we'd like to think about practical alignment with the model
   ... devices coming from different areas
   ... WoT, OCF, oneM2M, ...

   danh: Darko's IRC disconnected?

   darko: share his screen again
   ... [The Linked Data for WoT Applications (persons?)]
   ... there is interest in starting work alignment with
   ontology/semantic models
   ... different levels
   ... 1st level (interactive model): WoT TD and OCF, etc.
   ... 2nd level (horizontal vocabulary): SSN/SOSA, SAREF
   (oneM2M), Haystack, Echonet
   ... demo during plugfest
   ... discover devices regardliess of the ecosystem
   ... interaction between devices from different ecosystems
   ... aligning with existing ontologies
   ... TD ontology derived from Maria
   ... also McCool's work
   ... OCF model
   ... and also oneM2M model
   ... on our Siemens side, we also started the 2nd level
   ... any comments?

   danh: kind of confused
   ... alignment for what purpose?
   ... present information?
   ... get JSON-LD?

   darko: what is the goal?
   ... we have big 3 kinds of models
   ... WoT TD, OCF and oneM2M
   ... the first call is provided by some interaction model

   danh: so the goal is discovery?

   darko: yeah
   ... the next level is putting the W3C devices and other devices
   work together
   ... regarding scripting api tf, Michael Koster is working on
   OCF side
   ... the first part should be achieved by us
   ... e.g., I'm looking for a device regardless of what the
   device belongs to (ocf, oneM2M, ...)

   <achille_zappa> align = map ?

   darko: need to discover devices which (potentially) belong to
   various standards/ecosystems

   danh: ok

   kaz: the point here is
   ... starting with interaction model as the 1st level
   ... and handling concrete ecosystem-based vocabs as the 2nd
   ... right?

   darko: right
   ... any volunteers for this work?

   danh: can work on SOSA

   darko: Victor also has started some work
   ... anyone who would work on the interaction model?
   ... e.g., based on the OCF model

   maria: not familiar with OCF model itself
   ... my contribution would be more related to oneM2M

   darko: ok
   ... my impression is that McCool would also appreciate your
   ... let's see
   ... handling RDF
   ... [Thing Description Recipes (Darko)]
   ... interop client creates a WoT app based on some recipe
   ... that is a kind of template
   ... capability template
   ... discover first, instantiate, ...
   ... there two tasks
   ... recipe format based on TD and capability templates
   ... and then implement a prototype
   ... the focus would be TD
   ... not mixing with another standard
   ... would like to volunteer myself for this
   ... anybody interested in addition myself?

   koster: would like to work on it
   ... how smart things work
   ... machine constructive and human beings

   darko: formalizing capabilities
   ... let's see what we can do

   danh: me as well
   ... interested in semantic mashup for web services
   ... template for SPARQL recipe

   darko: ok
   ... could be incorporated with semantic web services
   ... need automatic query things

   koster: can you go back to the previous slide?

   darko: [The Linked Data for WoT Applications (persons?)]
   ... orchestration of multiple devices

   darke: make sense
   ... two devices from different ecosystems
   ... also interaction of devices from only WoT
   ... is possible
   ... [Semantic Processing for Web of Things]
   ... not finished this slide yet
   ... problem statement for semantic processing
   ... validation and verification
   ... specify property, event, action
   ... then you can validate the value, e.g., within specific
   value range
   ... your property is of some certain type
   ... are all the possible types within your TD semantically
   ... some possible semantic constraints
   ... this is also some sort of task
   ... Victor working on validator
   ... Maria also expressed some interest

   danh: semantic processing here is just validation/verification?
   ... low level of semantic

   darko: this is based on the discussion so far
   ... it's up to us to decide what should be done for semantic
   ... first version of the validator could be a starting point

   danh: there are several things in "semantic processing"
   ... RDF semantics, etc.
   ... data type checking for RDF nodes
   ... taxinomy classification, etc.
   ... checking is available within programming languages already

   darko: do you have interest in this topic?

   danh: yeah
   ... but we should clarify the purpose of semantic processing
   ... in addition to vocabulary alignment

   darko: ok
   ... my intention is raising topics first
   ... and get people interested
   ... would contact all of you who are interested in each topic
   ... during upcoming telcos, we can talk about the details

   mccool: (joining now)
   ... for what do you want to get volunteers?

   darko: (goes through the topics)

   mccool: certainly interested in OCF things
   ... aligning the OCF model with the W3C WoT model

   danh: can moderate the last one (Semantic Processing)
   ... would like to talk with Victor, etc., as well
   ... SSN is still on its way for REC

   darko: TD Recipe: Koster, Danh, Darko
   ... Semantic Processing: Danh, Victor, Maria

   maria: interested in semantic validation
   ... but not sure what this topic itself means here
   ... happy to follow the discussion but a bit confused

   darko: this slide is rather empty, so we'd work on the details
   from now on
   ... we're getting out of time
   ... Maria's presentation for the next call

   danh: also can give some talk (10min or so, etc.)
   ... during the next call

   darko: ok
   ... will contact you offline
   ... any other business for today?

   mccool: are those slides available anywhere?

   darko: will send them
   ... in two weeks we'll have the next call


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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