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Re: Regular Web of Things call on scripting API

From: Benjamin Francis <bfrancis@mozilla.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2016 12:43:24 +0000
Message-ID: <CAKQmVV-wrV9+F18nTH9UP1aEukkrn9wyp3hGsSmsQsLRfDOwvQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: "Kis, Zoltan" <zoltan.kis@intel.com>
Cc: "public-wot-ig@w3.org" <public-wot-ig@w3.org>
Do you imagine this API being implemented on the client side (e.g. as a DOM
API in a browser engine) or on the server side (e.g. as a Node module)? If
it's the former, has any browser vendor expressed an interest in
implementing this? If it's the latter, what is the benefit of standardising
this scripting API? Calling a REST API is likely to work differently in
different languages, of which JavaScript is just one.

Rather than specify the scripting API, have you considering specifying the
REST API in terms of methods, requests and responses instead like the OCF


On 4 November 2016 at 17:39, Kis, Zoltan <zoltan.kis@intel.com> wrote:

> Whether it is useful or not in the long term for the WG, as agreed on the
> first call on the scripting API, I have created a very first draft for an
> alternative scripting API proposal based on REST and data descriptions.
> For now I have avoided hot topics like actions vs properties events etc,
> in this version data is just properties and values.
> We have an implementation of a very similar (OCF) API, so there is
> practical proof the concept is working at least in one way.
> I will keep it in my fork for further development until seen whether it is
> worth submitting to w3c/wot:
> https://github.com/zolkis/wot/blob/master/proposals/
> restructured-scripting-api/intel-proposal.md
> Comments, corrections, suggestions are welcome.
> I will keep adding stuff to it, explaining more and more concepts and
> details - but early feedback is very important: if it turns out this is a
> completely wrong direction, it would be useful to know it early so that I
> can spend my time in a better way :).
> If there is time, we could discuss some aspects of it on the next call, or
> the week after.
> Best regards,
> Zoltan
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