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Proposal for a WoT servient based on IoTivity

From: Michael Koster <michael.koster@smartthings.com>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 11:06:11 -0700
Message-Id: <8AED5513-76AE-471F-A7FE-CA71382C4396@smartthings.com>
To: Public Web of Things IG <public-wot-ig@w3.org>

FYI; I have collected some working documents and started a project repository to create an implementation of a WoT servient based on IoTivity as the resource layer.

The basic idea is described at:
https://github.com/connectIOT/iotivity-servient/blob/master/docs/st-servient.pdf <https://github.com/connectIOT/iotivity-servient/blob/master/docs/st-servient.pdf>

Iotivity would expose resource models using the abstract transfer layer protocol bindings proposed in:
https://github.com/connectIOT/iotivity-servient/blob/master/docs/abstract-transfer.pdf <https://github.com/connectIOT/iotivity-servient/blob/master/docs/abstract-transfer.pdf>

Initially I have mapped some SmartThings Capabilities (different things a device can do or expose, like on/off and level control) and some reference device types to Thing Descriptions.
These are the devices that would be exposed for the PlugFest:
https://github.com/connectIOT/iotivity-servient/blob/master/docs/BasicDeviceTypes.pdf <https://github.com/connectIOT/iotivity-servient/blob/master/docs/BasicDeviceTypes.pdf>

I've created a set of Thing Descriptions for the Capabilities, and another set for devices, that aggregate the Capability TDs. These are all maintained at:
https://github.com/connectIOT/iotivity-servient/tree/master/td <https://github.com/connectIOT/iotivity-servient/tree/master/td>

It would be great if someone would review these TD files to confirm that I understand how to use TD, before I create a larger set of TDs to represent the reference device types and capabilities.

Best regards,

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