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Fwd: Plugfest Status

From: Ryan Ware <ryan.r.ware@intel.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2016 19:08:55 -0800
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Cindy isn’t subscribed so this would have bounced.  I thought I’d forward
it on.


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Date: Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 2:25 PM
Subject: RE: Plugfest Status
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Just in case anyone is in need of a copy of an invitation letter – please
refer to attachment J

Thank you all in advance, CS

*From:* Ryan Ware [mailto:ryan.r.ware@intel.com]
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*Subject:* Plugfest Status


I’ve updated the info on the web site for the Plugfest.  Please note that
it will *not* be at the Crown Plaza.  For various reasons, we are having it
at Plaza Suites instead.  We have everything booked.  Please review the
information below and let me know if you have any questions.

Note, for those needing visa invitation letters, please contact Cindy.

I do also want to apologize for the thrash from Intel’s side in getting
this together.



*Location*: The Plaza Suites // 3100 Lakeside Drive // Santa Clara, CA
95054 // 408-748-9800 <(408)%20748-9800> (US/Canada) //

*Dates*: Monday, February 6 – Thursday, February 9, 2017

*Meeting Times*: 8:00am – 5:00pm (Monday – Thursday)

*Hotel*: for those of you who will be in need of a hotel reservation –
please send email over to cindy.a.sirianni@intel.com with the following
information NLT EOD on Thursday, December 22:

·        *If you will be in need of a hotel room at The Plaza Suites -
please complete the following few questions...*

o   Check in date

o   Check out date

o   Type of credit card that you will be using at time of check-in

*Set up: Sunday, February 5 **//** Tear down: Thursday, February 9*

·        *Santa Clara Room* (seats 60-65 people very comfortably) – will
include the following

o   Classroom style

o   Power Strips

o   Projector

o   Projector screen

o   Wi-Fi

o   NO, whiteboards or easels will be needed

o   If we run into any internet connection problems – there is someone in
house that can help out with the connection (contact: TBD)

·        *Board Room* (break out room – 10 person conference room)

o   *Demos may take place in this room* – if so, will there be any
additional networking requirements needed?

·        *Private area reserved in the Prime Restaurant* (break out room -
10 person space – private area with curtains – but, still in a public
seating area)

*Rough Agenda*

·        7:00am // *Breakfast – location: Plaza Bistro*

o   Complimentary breakfast for hotel quest

o   NON GUEST will be receiving a coupon to enjoy the complimentary
breakfast – but, will be charged for the breakfast

·        8:00am // Plug Fest meeting begins

·        11:30am // *Morning Break*

·        11:45am // Meeting resumes’

·        12:30pm* // Lunch *(location: Plaza Bistro)

·        1:30pm // Meeting resumes’

·        3:30pm // *Afternoon Break*

·        3:45pm // Meeting resumes’

·        5:00pm* // Plug Fest meeting ends*

o   *Note, *outside beverage service will be located right outside of the
Santa Clara room (there is a function space right outside the Santa Clara

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