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The Web of Things has a book!

From: Dom Guinard <dom@evrythng.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2015 12:48:00 +0100
Message-ID: <CANBVkYtODZhNC2=iNS1cZoyFK_yV1rS7Y353GKipBXEv8O21AQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: Public Web of Things IG <public-wot-ig@w3.org>
Dear Web of Thingers,

Vlad and I are very happy to announce the early public release of our Web
of Things book: "Building the Web of Things" at Manning.

For us, writing this book is the most exciting way to synthesize what we
have learned and built since those early days in research and at EVRYTHNG
and share all that with you! Our goal is to help everyone fast-forward
through the Internet of Things revolution and build future-proof
Web-connected products. We want to enable you to build not only networks of
Things, but also applications that will profoundly change our lives by
bringing Things – all kinds of Things – to the World Wide Web. And this is
what the Web of Things is really about: creating a universal application
layer protocol for a truly open and programmable Internet of Things.

The book is based on the Web of Things architecture we proposed in our PhD
theses and is both aimed at being a manual giving you the key concepts of
how to implement Web Things but it is also a hands-on book with code
samples and tutorials for the Raspberry Pi and other Node.js enabled
devices (Edison, Beaglebone, etc.)

In particular it covers:

- Use Web technologies to sense, control and connect the real world
- Rapidly build a Web interface to control your Smart Home using a
Raspberry Pi
- Use the real-time, programmable, social and semantic Web to build a
RESTful Web API for any device
- Build real-time physical mashups with JavaScript and Node.js
- Learn how to integrate other protocols such as MQTT, CoAP or Bluetooth to
HTTP and the Web
- Learn how to use a variety WoT and IoT platforms, tools, and protocols

The good news for this list is that we are still in the process of writing
the book, the early release program means that you get access to the
chapters as they come (currently 4 chapters are available), but it also
means that you can help us shaping the book by providing comments and
suggestions through the early access book forum!

Last but not least by using the "mlguinard" code you can get 50% off (offer
valid until June 7), more information and order from the book page on:

Dom & Vlad
Dominique Guinard, Ph.D. ////
co-founder & chief technology officer
+44 79 5153 2987 // w evrythng.com
t @domguinard // w guinard.org
b webofthings.org
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