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[use cases] Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alerts Use Case

From: 이원석 <wonsuk.lee@etri.re.kr>
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 22:04:33 +0000
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Hi. All.
Below is use case from ETRI. I think it’s typical use case for home safety.

What is the user motivation for the use case
Monitoring and preventing the potentially deadly effects of smoke and carbon monoxide from causing harm to family members. If there's smoke or CO, let Matt and his family know via a loud alarm, push or text message alert on his/his family’s smart device. In addition it could trigger to turn on different lights to highlight an escape route for peoples inside and automatically unlock doors to open an escape route for peoples inside.

How does this translate to a technical description
Matt has purchased smoke & carbon monoxide detector for home safety. Matt register web service application for smoke & carbon monoxide detector onto his smartphone that will enable him to monitor smoke and carbon monoxide in his home.
Matt launches the browser and accesses his new web app for smoke & carbon monoxide detector and his UI is populated with all the smoke & carbon monoxide detectors are installed at home Matt’s UI shows him the status of all his smoke & carbon monoxide detectors in the home (i.e. Clear or Smoke). Matt could check the status of smoke and CO level (e.g. ppm) for each specific places like Kitchen or Living Room and extra.
Matt  is able to configure three functions to be enabled like text and push message alert including recipients, turning on lights for escape routes and unlocking doors to open escape routes.
The first time that Matt uses his web application for smoke & carbon monoxide detector in his home, he will be led though the steps to allow him to authenticate his smartphone or smartwatch device with his smoke & carbon monoxide detector to allow him to monitor of them.
Smoke & carbon monoxide detector alerts Matt when smoke is in the home, so he could have an escape. It will also send him a mobile notification on his smartphone or Smartwatch.
Smoke & carbon monoxide detector alerts Matt when CO reaches emergency levels in the home, so he know to move to fresh air. It will also send him a mobile notification on his smartphone or Smartwatch.

What application domains are related (e.g. referring to the taxonomy)
Main: Smart Home / Home automation / emergency alert operation

What interaction pattern with or btw things can be observed
Thing registers: thing registers with service in the cloud
Configure data subscription: specific data field (e.g. for maintenance) is forwarded (e.g. to manufacturer)
Thing integration in web based agent

Accessibility considerations

Which aspects are not considered?
Life cycle of devices, services and applications
Discovery of devices
Installation process
Dealing with faults
Replacing devices
Taking devices out of operation

Kr, Wonsuk.
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