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On 23/07/2015 13:13 , Ashley Gullen wrote:
> As a web developer working on my own projects, I don't really feel like
> I'm in a position to speak for the projects of other web developers. I
> guess I read similar blogs and the odd Hacker News post, but I don't
> feel like I have an answer to "why do other sites need this?" - am I
> supposed to be a spokesperson for all developers? I think this feature
> is useful in a general-purpose way to any web app that does any kind of
> image processing, but I'm speculating.

FWIW, don't hesitate to be just a little bit more assertive (while 
remaining polite and considerate, of course). You've already taken the 
trouble to put together a spec and to show it to two groups, and you're 
obviously smart enough to guess that if this is a problem that you're 
the only person on Earth having then no one will be interested in 
putting it in a browser — so even without saying so you're already 
acting on the assumption that this would be useful to others ;)

It's not so much about becoming a spokesperson for all developers any 
more than telling people that it hurts when someone pokes you in the eye 
makes you the spokesperson for humankind.

You can think of it as a process of scientific generalisation. You have 
a problem that you can't comfortably address without a browser-level 
change, and based on your experience you have a hunch that it's not just 
you. If you have evidence of the latter, that's great, but if you don't 
yet there are several ways of acquiring it. There isn't one set process 
for getting to that evidence, plenty have been known to work (writing 
well thought-out use cases that describe reality, Twitter feedback, 
local user groups, Discourse discussions, GitHub issues, etc.).

FWIW I've had a similar problem with a contacts import app that would 
naturally get sometimes large bunches of incoming photos.

Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

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