Re: [whatwg] Accessing local files with JavaScript portably and securely

在 2017年04月18日 00:03, Anne van Kesteren 写道:
> On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 5:53 PM, duanyao <> wrote:
>> When we want to write a web application portable across multiple server
>> OSes, these issues could happen too.
> Yes, but then you run into implementation bugs. Which are a very
> different category from proprietary OS design decisions.
I'm not sure the meaning of "implementation bugs" -- the bug of the web 
application or the server OSes?

It seems you imply that "OS design decisions" are arbitray or unstable 
over time, which is not qutie true.
As to filesystems' semantics, all major OSes are very stable in last 
decades and unlikely to diverge dramatically
in the next decade. Apple's HFS+ normalizes unicodes, but the newer APFS 
which is converging to other OSes.

>> I think "portable" is never absolute.
> Sure, but at least that's the goal for those participating in the
> non-proprietary web ecosystem.
I think you overstate the proprietariness of filesystems' semantics. 
Developers and users make
use of local html files (in cross-platform manner) for decades and 
generally feel positive. Please
Don't ignore this.

>> There are always incompatibilities
>> between browsers, and even once standardized feature can be
>> deprecated/removed in future, e.g. `window.showModalDialog()`,
>> `<applet>` and `<keygen>`.
> This happens rarely and when it happens it's a very considered
> decision involving lots of people. It's usually related to complexity,
> lack of use, and security.
Sure. Proprietary OSes don't change thier core API in incompatibe way 
for no good reason, too.

I don't expect a local web app tested on major OSes today would stop to
work tomorrow due to a filesystem API change.

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