Re: [whatwg] Accessing local files with JavaScript portably and securely

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> I can't see this being addressed. The only good reason to distribute an application this way is because you want it to be confidential and there's no incentive to accommodate what one might call "walled gardens" 
in HTML because they naturally have a limited audience.

Bingo. This mailing list is for developing technology for the world wide web, not for peoples' local computers.

You can use the same technology that people use on the web for local app development---many people do, e.g. Apache Cordova, Microsoft's Metro/Modern/UWP apps, or GitHub's Electron. But all those technologies are outside the standards process, and in general are not the focus of browser vendors in developing their products (which are, like the standards process, focused on the web). The same is true of file: URLs.

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