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>> The pauseOnExit attribute on VTTCue can be used for this purpose. See
>> #text-track-api:the-audio-element for an example.
> Thank you for both answers!
> I found pauseOnExit to work very well for my use case.  I ended up with.
> v.addTextTrack('metadata')
> cue = new VTTCue(start, end, '')
> cue.pauseOnExit = true
> cues.addCue(cue)
> v.currentTime = start
> Regarding
> var cue = new VTTCue(start, end, '');
> As best I could tell that last parameter is a 'message', tho Im not sure  
> I
> got any message when the video stopped, even when I populated it.  Maybe  
> I
> wasnt supposed to.

It's not a message, it's the cue's text. For a metadata track, you can use  
it for anything you want, and access it with `cue.text`. For caption or  
subtitle tracks, it's text that gets rendered on top of the video.

> I'm quite happy to use this solution.  My slight concert is whether there
> are any side effects from adding a TextTrack to a video.
> Should this be considered best practice, or would there perhaps still be
> room in future for (start, end) parameters?

There is always room for adding convenience APIs, it's a matter of  
demonstrating that it's a common enough need to make it worth the cost of  
adding it.

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

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