Re: [whatwg] Moving PNG Extensions to WhatWG

From: whatwg [] On Behalf Of Christoph Päper

> <> lists APNG as a possible specification to take under WhatWG wings. It currently lives dormant at <>. What would be needed to get this and other extensions to PNG that have not or will not get the okay from W3C/ISO/IEC and PNG DG documented and maintained at WhatWG?

This would be a great addition, given that from my understanding it is now on track to be supported in three major browsers. What we would need is an editor to volunteer.

This has two parts:

1. The editor would first work with the WHATWG community to set up a specification, i.e. a GitHub repository and the resulting Living Standard document. This would largely be a matter of porting from the wiki while learning all the appropriate editorial conventions for such a specification, under the guidance of existing editors.

2. The editor would need to be responsible going forward for responding to feedback in a timely manner, and incorporating it into the Living Standard as appropriate. Unlike other standards organizations, the WHATWG does not produce "finished" specifications (e.g. a "1.0" or "REC"). WHATWG Living Standards are expected to be continually updated as necessary in response to feedback from implementers and web developers, indefinitely. 

Received on Sunday, 4 December 2016 16:59:55 UTC