Re: [whatwg] We need more colors in CSS

Not really, Alex. We have more colours now through _SYNAESTHESIA_,
thanks to the <audio> tag 



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On 2016-04-01 21:49, Alex Vincent wrote:

> I read today's thread about <smell> and I disagree - we have a higher
> priority to deal with.
> We really need to replace RGB with RGBU:  red, green, blue, ultraviolet.
> After all, some people have cones in their eyes to detect ultraviolet
> light.  I believe the technical term is "tetrachromacy", or something like
> that.  It's the reverse of color-blindness in a sense:  we're not serving
> the full spectrum that some people can see!
> Pros:
> * This helps women who actually can distinguish the ultraviolet colors.
> * Instead of 24 bits for color (a non-standard word size in computer
> science), we could use 32 bits (which is much more common in computer
> programming).
> * The fourth argument in the color: and background-color rules, being
> ultraviolet and thus beyond the normal range of vision, becomes optional.
> Cons:
> * Computer monitors aren't built to show ultraviolet colors.  (Here,
> though, we'd get ahead of the hardware, and let vendors catch up.)
> * Ultraviolet rays from the Sun have been shown to cause skin cancers... so
> medical studies would have to be done to determine a safe maximum to emit
> from the monitor.  The 255 level of ultraviolet should not come close to
> that.
> Why not infrared, to show warmth?  Because the RGB pattern goes from lower
> frequencies to higher ones; to support infrared it would change to IRGB,
> breaking backwards compatibility with RGB pretty badly.  Sorry, romantics:
> your monitors must remain, at least on the surface, very cold.  Blame us in
> the standards community for that.
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