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Re: [whatwg] VIDEO and pitchAdjustment

From: Michael Enright <mike@kmcardiff.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2015 09:40:00 -0700
Message-ID: <CAOC2fq-G2RxgdCz8UkU1z6wt8wKuR0+MJvLVLPkxT5XFcz5oVw@mail.gmail.com>
To: Domenic Denicola <d@domenic.me>
Cc: WHAT Working Group <whatwg@lists.whatwg.org>, Garrett Smith <dhtmlkitchen@gmail.com>, "robert@ocallahan.org" <robert@ocallahan.org>
I'm an implementer (to the fullest extent that one can be one by
modifying existing open source), just following the convention of this
list of stating my use case. The use case reflects reality since it
was implemented last year.

On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 12:04 PM, Domenic Denicola <d@domenic.me> wrote:
> To be clear:
> Everyone can imagine use cases for playing videos backward. However, so far the only statements we have about implementations are negative. My subthread was more concerned with making the spec reflect current reality. If you can convince implementers to support backward videos, then that's separate, and we can change the spec again.
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