Re: [whatwg] support for named colors in <input type=color> (was Re: Icon mask and theme color)

On 6/18/15, Edward O'Connor <> wrote:
> Hi Anne,
> You wrote:
>>> On the other hand, <link rel=mask-icon color=darkslategray> seems
>>> like it should Just Work™.
>> I guess we could add support for named colors to <input type=color>
>> too.
> Offhand I think that's a good idea. Probably won't round-trip through
> typical color picker implementations, but that doesn't seem like much of
> a problem to me.
> What do others think?

I think getAttribute("color") should return the value specified in the
HTML source code and that color serialization, what you might get from
the property  should generally be consistent across APIs. Here is one:

Seems weird specifying color in the HTML. Reminds me of bgColor.
Should there be a way to specify the link's color in CSS? Like

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