Re: [whatwg] Relative URL plan

On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 7:01 PM, Boris Zbarsky <> wrote:
> What are examples of non-relative URIs that use query?  mailto:, I guess?

about, data, etc. Though note that there's no such thing as
non-relative URL. That completely depends on the first code point
after the scheme and ":" in this brave new world.

As far as I can tell apart from special casing a couple of schemes
(now named special schemes in the URL Standard), everything else can
be completely generic at the parser level. Of course there's also a
level on top, e.g. for data URLs we'd look at scheme data + (query ?
"?" + query : "").

The non-special URLs have a couple of forms:

  non-special:///empty-host-and-relative-path (supporting this for
special URLs is impossible due to reparsing issues)

and apart from non-relative-path can be manipulated quite easily.
Non-special URLs also don't have their host names IDNA-parsed.

I'm actually pretty happy this seems within reach as it makes URLs
much more extensible. I suppose we might still sometimes wish to make
tweaks to the parser (as we did for e.g. blob URLs), but overall this
should be much more compatible with the IETF POV.


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