Re: [whatwg] Icon mask and theme color

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 7:33 PM, Edward O'Connor <> wrote:
> Our proposal is simply to add mask="" to this list of advisory
> attributes that are used to determine an icon's appropriateness here.
> User agents that don't understand mask="" should continue to pick the
> most appropriate icon given the other attributes. If there is a tie, the
> last <link rel=icon> wins. That is why we recommend authors put <link
> rel=icon mask> first—so that the existing tie-breaking behavior results
> in the legacy favicon being chosen.

I think the only problem with this advice is that it lacks the bit
where you need to list <link rel=icon href=/favicon.ico> explicitly
(and last) once you add a <link rel=icon mask> entry. That seems to be
the reason why Twitter is now black rather than light blue in Firefox.


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