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Re: [whatwg] Parsing of meta refresh needs tweaking

From: Simon Pieters <simonp@opera.com>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2015 09:25:12 +0100
To: "whatwg@whatwg.org" <whatwg@whatwg.org>, "Julian Reschke" <julian.reschke@gmx.de>
Message-ID: <op.xr220aqgidj3kv@simons-mbp>
On Wed, 07 Jan 2015 08:55:02 +0100, Julian Reschke <julian.reschke@gmx.de>  

> On 2015-01-07 08:52, Simon Pieters wrote:
>>  ...
>>> I hear (a) these pages have been broken in IE for a long time, and (b)
>>> only 23 (?) pages in your DB are found.
>> Right.
>>> So why not just leave them broken?
>> It's a worse user experience and it's a shorter path to interop to
>> change IE.
>> ...
> User experience for invalid content is one aspect; sane parsing rules  
> are another one. Not requiring the parameter name will make it harder to  
> introduce new parameters in the future.

If you want a new parameter *in place of* URL=, you're better off using a  
different http-equiv value. If you want a new parameter in addition to  
URL=, that would still be possible if URL= is first and it uses quotes.

That said, I doubt new parameters will be introduced here, and the parsing  
is already not sane.

Simon Pieters
Opera Software
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