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Re: [whatwg] PSA: Chrome ignoring autocomplete="off" for Autofill data

From: Roger Hågensen <rescator@emsai.net>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 02:24:52 +0100
Message-ID: <5466AB64.5030102@emsai.net>
To: whatwg@lists.whatwg.org
On 2014-11-14 19:10, Evan Stade wrote:

> The problem is that we don't think autocomplete="off" is used judiciously.

Could you make a compromise and respect autocomplete="off" for only 
type="text", and ignore autocomplete="off" for all other input types as 
you guys planned?
And then look at how the web reacts to autocomplete="off" being ignored 
for the other types before deciding on how to handle it for type="text"?

I know you can risk end up with bad web designers making all inputs of 
type="text" instead of using the proper types like a good web designer 
would (or should).
But for the end user that would be better than textarea "hacks" or other 
weird things to "clear" or ignore things or fully custom inputs.

If the results (I'll assume the web will be watched to see how the 
reaction is to such changes right?) are positive and web designers 
actually do it correctly and do not try to hack or change the type of 
inputs to text en masse,
then type="text" would work fine forward as a input type for text that 
changes so frequently that any autofill or autocomplete would make no 
sense/be a waste of resources.


Roger "Rescator" Hågensen.
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