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I'm aware of that. It became universally supported because it was the first 'de facto standard'  back when IE5 introduced support for it in March 1999. Given that there are now far better and cleaner alternatives without 'magic' filenames, I don't see a reason not to deprecate it after 15 years and thus eventually save the web a LOT of failing requests on non-existing favicons. As John Mellor said Chrome is actively removing behaviour that causes unneeded 404s[1], the same "wasting bandwidth and data plan" argument applies here.

The message to web developers should just be "if you want icons, explicitly specify them, oh and while you're at it add the sizes attribute please so we can pick the right one for homescreens and the likes".


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> Given that the /favicon.ico fallback is really only there for IE5/6/7 
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Uhm, no. It's universally supported.


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