Re: [whatwg] How to determine content-type of file: protocol

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 2:26 PM, duanyao <> wrote:
> I think rule 5.1 should be applied to both static fetching and XHR consistently. Browsers should set Content-Type header to local files' actual type for XHR, and interpret
> them accordingly. But firefox developers think this would break some existing codes that already rely on firefox's behavior
> (see
> What do you think?

Basically, this comes down to what should do. "For now,
unfortunate as it is, file and ftp URLs are left as an exercise for
the reader."

There's an enormous amount of tricky things to define around file
URLs, this being one of them. My theory to date has been that defining
those things has less benefit than defining other things, such as
parsing URLs or the way fetching works in general. If someone were to
sort the issues out and get implementations to converge I would
certainly not be opposed to including the result of such work in the


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