Re: [whatwg] Fetch Objects and scripts/stylesheets

On 7/22/14, 2:01 PM, Ben Maurer wrote:
> One advantage of doing this is that if there is some use case a site has
> that isn't met by the dependency model they can still manually separate the
> fetch of an object from its insertion into the DOM.

One issue worth considering here: there are various situations (CSP, 
extension) in which a browser would like to know what sort of resource 
is being loaded, or more precisely how it will be consumed, before 
loading it.

 From that point of view, adding a way to customize fetch paramaters on 
<link rel="stylesheet"> or some other mechanism that tells the UA up 
front what is being fetched is vastly preferable to taking an existing 
fetch and synthesizing a stylesheet from it, because it provides a lot 
more control to the user agent and user's extensions.


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